Information Page : City & Guilds Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training (RQF)

The Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training (RQF) is a teaching qualification which extends into investigation and research into current practice, theories and models relating to education and training. Throughout the programme candidates will need to demonstrate an ability to transfer the findings from their research into their own teaching practice. In addition, the nature of both the learning and assessment required for the qualification means that candidates should have the ability to manage the requirements of the level of the qualification, read and interpret written tasks, and write answers in a legible and understandable form. Candidates must also be able to organise written information clearly and coherently.

This qualification is for those individuals who work or who want to work as teachers/ trainers in the further education and skills sector. Candidates should be considering a subject for delivery and be aiming to achieve, or have achieved a qualification and/or have experience in your subject or skill at the appropritae level.

Candidates must have access to 100 teaching practice hours within their work environment.

Entry requirements:

In order to complete this qualification candidates must be:

  • A minimum of 19 years of age
  • Be qualified, proficient or experienced in the subject that they intend to teach
  • Have access to a minimum of 100 teaching practice
  • Have sufficient personal skills to complete the academic and other requirements of the programme. They will also need to be able to support their learners at the appropriate level whilst delivering their subject specialisim
  • Have the potential to study at this level, which is the same level of demand as that of a degree course
  • Take an initial assessment of their literacy, mathematics and ICT skills. The teaching programme will support further development of these skills, recorded in a personal development log

Delivery & assessment methods:

  • One day a month for 12 months, plus assignments and observations
  • Distance learning

Course content:

This course will enable candidates to take a practical and analytical approach to all aspects of training and education, from planning and designing learning through to teaching, assessing and supporting learners. Candidates will also cover the theories and principles of education and training and be given the opportunity to embed these in their own teaching.