CBRN : Chemical Biological Radiological Chemical

CBRN Casualty and Incident Management

  • What is the likelihood of a CBRN incident as a deliberate act by an organised group or an
    individual with a grudge or through being radicalised?
  • Could your organisation identify or recognise a CBRN incident?
  • Do you know the immediate actions that you would need to carry out as an individual?
  • What action would you as an organisation need to carry out?
  • Do you have a CBRN medical Incident management plan?
  • How do you carry out a CBRN casualty assessment?
  • Can you carry out CBRN medical treatment?

The best way to protect personnel and infrastructure from a CBRN incident is avoidance and
proactive protective security.

If an incident occurs, having an action plan that involves individual personal protection,
casualty action plan and an identified process is paramount to minimise and contain the